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best place to park for swamp rabbit trail

If we'd known ahead of time, we would have stayed there, because downtown Greenville would be a beautiful place to stay and play. We rode it on a Friday morning in March and I was surprised to see how many people out! The high point to me were the friendly people including the trail policemen (yes the trail has security). Lots of shady trees. See pictures and our review of Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail. Rent a Cannondale, Giant, Specialized, or Trek. Rating would be higher, but trail is in need of repair. Keep going about 4 miles and then cut into Furman University's campus. The trail really opens up after the Swamp Rabbit Grocery (as you head north)--lush, surprisingly well-shaded, not as trafficked. It’s the best spot for a long, off-road run in Greenville. There are gravel parking areas in multiple places along the trail, but the one I always use is the one closest to Furman’s campus. Thank you to the people of Greenville for having the foresight to building this nice trail. A future trail section that is not yet paved has had the rails removed and the road bed graded through Furman University and is definitely usable as part of any excursion at the University. Locals rate it highly, because it is the only one around. The workers did a good job, but it has PROBLEMS with SIGNAGE, and the biggest problem is that it is in SEGMENTS: The southern part near Conestee is partly on the street, and doesn't connect with the main trail. The Y has ample parking, is safe and there were many other bikers parking there. We cycle so we park at the zoo and follow the trail from downtown onto the trail. Owner retired military. Contact: Like a lot of rail/trails you don't want to let a tire wander off the path. I know hendersonville NC-Brevard NC are discussing building a similar trail as well as Easley-Pickens SC. Someone complained there are a lot of road to cross. Its purpose is to aid everyone - from out-of-town visitors interested in experiencing the Swamp Rabbit Trail to regular trail users - by providing useful trip-planning information. The ONLY bike shop on Swamp Rabbit Trail. Not particularly crowded on a Friday a generally everyone considerate of passing edicate. We got lost and wound up on streets four different times, a thing that never happened to me before. This last section is about 6 miles and will give you about 600 feet of elevation gain. Greenville south is beautiful, particularly in city. It's just that much better. Following the Reedy River, the trail heads south through the park-like setting of the Furman University campus and continues into downtown Greenville, ending at Greenville Tech on Cleveland Street. The nearly 20-mile Prisma Health (formerly Greenville Health System) Swamp Rabbit Trail links the cities of Travelers Rest and Greenville in upstate South Carolina via a former railroad corridor. This is a wonderful trail - plenty of opportunities for restrooms and refreshments along the way - one of those where you don't have to pack up a ton of gear to make it an enjoyable time for the family. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, road biking, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round. The Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail is celebrating ten years in 2019 – it’s one of the biggest developments to connect our city + get locals (and visitors) out exploring the city and local green space. It includes benches along the way so you can stop and relax if you like. Yes, the trail is a little hard to follow in the downtown area due to the many intersections with park paths - the signage still needs improvement. The trail is complete for about 1.5 miles and a near-level walk. If you want to introduce someone to a rail/trail - this is a great one. http://www.swamprabbitinn.comGreenville, SC named one of the best places to visit and one of the best cycling cities in America. There are a couple of outfitters (at least) that will rent cyclists a ride in Travelers Rest. This trail is VERY well used. The tons of people were fine. Afte a full day of trying to figure out Swamp Rabbit trail (where to start etc etc., I had it down! Rode this trail yesterday. And a coffee shop. It is in the process of being redone. See more ideas about swamp rabbit trail, swamp rabbit, trail. Keep going and end in Traveler's Rest where there are numerous bike patron friendly establishments - most notably Williams Hardware and Cafe who provide free restrooms with running hot and cold water as well as a wonderful lunch menu. This trail is doing a lot to bring life back to a city that -- like so many in the US -- has been decimated by the loss of a manufacturing base (in the case of Greenville, textiles). I entered from the Zoo parking lot at Cleveland Dr and Washington. Turn onto Reedy View Dr. and you may find parking there (only a few spaces available). Average trail going north from Greenville. Had an absolutely wonderful ride barring some Marathon Trainers who were very rude to those of us who enjoy the trail. Another runner confused at same spot. Negatives 1. I parked near the Zoo off of Lakehurst, lot had a lot of trees for use about all day shade. 2. Hope they get that extension to Simpsonville soon. The idea was nice but the execution of the plan stinks ... GET IT TOGETHER GREENVILLE !!! ", followed by 119 people on Pinterest. I rode 90% of it last weekend, and the number of people using it was impressive. Today was my first time riding the Swamp Rabbit (used the recumbent trike). Cruisers to Road Bikes. Great trail for all types of cyclists to ride. Well maintained and directed. May 13, 2017 - Explore Russell Baxley's board "Swamp Rabbit Trail" on Pinterest. One bar if you wanted a beer just north of Greenville. It runs along an old railroad corridor, the Reedy River, and through City parks. Pavement is a little bumpy in places but overall an enjoyable 22.7 mile ride. It has become the envy of the surrounding towns. There are also several places to park in Lake Conestee Nature Park to access the disconnected southern segment of the trail. If you would utilize that feature in making Swamp Rabbit Trail access parking info available to the public, it would facilitate the use of this Greenville attraction. Varying from 8 to 12 feet wide, the trail features a paved surface for bicycles, skaters and walkers, with an additional rubberized surface for runners. To really get a look at what we’re talking about, click here . The Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail is easy to reach from Highway 276, which it loosely parallels, and there is no shortage of parking in the numerous parks along the route, including Gateway Park (115 Henderson Dr.) and Trailblazer Park (235 Wilhelm Winter St.) in Travelers Rest, and Falls Park (601 S. Main St.) and Cleveland Park (150 Cleveland Park Dr.) in Greenville. They recently took out the soft track on the Cleveland Street-to-the-Zoo-area stretch, which is a shame, but you can still get some soft track running in north of Falls Park. The trail is in excellent condition (99% asphalt). If you're a cyclist, or even perhaps a fast runner, I think you simply have to concede the Falls Park/downtown portion of the trail to wandering, not necessarily attentive people; it's admittedly hard to tell where sidewalks, trails, and causeways begin and end in that area, so don't be surprised if people are going every which way down there, and it's easier for you to slow way down or dismount your bike. We vacationed in Blairsville Ga. and made a day trip to Greensville just for the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Here you’ll find a parking area and kiosk at the trailhead, mile marker 41, and the terminus of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Its a fun ride, but some areas have a drop off of quite a few feet. The far north segment in Traveler's Rest is mostly sidewalk near busy street traffic, so it is just urban sidewalk riding (NOT a "trail"). It was perfect weather that morning for a ride and I suggest doing that as opposed to an afternoon ride during summer months. Contact: The city really needs to correct these many sign ERRORS! No stop light. There are a number of places where one be well advised to walk their bike due to narrow lanes and sharp angles (90 degrees). Children running wild like animals and the parents not doing one thing about it. Have ridden the entire Trail 4 times now and it is beautiful! As many have said in earlier reviews, south of downtown is a maze - vary narrow, poorly signed. Initially conceived as a mountain biking experience, the trail is suited for biking, hiking, trail running or nature walks. Free air, water, trail map & rescue service. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place. This trail is nice but on the boring side no challenge what so ever, needs hills an at some points can be dangerous especially at 2 major intersections. Enjoy! The asphalt does need a little repair in a few places but overall a very enjoyable ride! The "P" Legend is available for the website domain manager to add parking point accesses to the map. The central part in downtown is "USELESS" for bike riding because it is in a very busy pedestrian area, and you have to walk your bike, and sign directions are horrible. I went on a Saturday afternoon, as I have a job through the week, and it was a complete disappointment. The child who was “forced” to do this, ended our trip with his approval who exclaimed it was the “Best Day Ever”. There were so many people there that refused to share the trail, walkers, runners AND other cyclists. Once you reach this destination, you won't want to leave, but, crossing to the other side of the falls the trail continues on for a few miles through Cleveland Park and terminates on Faris St. Cleveland Park is nice too, but if you're pressed for time, just stay in Falls Park and spend the day enjoying the atmosphere. I do hope, in the future, that the Swamp Rabbit trail gets so much use that the city/county is compelled to make connecting trails to the east, west, and south, perhaps along creeks since there are few more abandoned rail lines in the area. Some signs are on posts, but many, as you get closer to the trail heading North, are applied to the sidewalks. We actually thought the trail itself was very nice and would be great anytime besides the weekend. Rent a Cannondale, Giant, Specialized, or Trek. Good sight lines, no blind corners on the main Trail up to Travelers Rest. Drove from Charlotte and cycled from Cleveland Park to Travelers Rest. Walkers, runners, VERY SLOW walkers with dogs that would not move out of the path. Life is ever fleeting! The only real problem with this trail is the rude "bikers". There is a 4 lane highway to cross with a small median. If you need bike supplies, there is a very nice bike/kayak shop shortly after you start the ride. Uploaded: 9/1/2008. Also food along the trail is crazy expensive....ham and cheese $11, really.. We really enjoy the Swamp Rabbit. Enjoy! There is a parking garage directly across the street ($6 all day) that is a great central location to park your car for a day in Greenville. Great paved trail with good signage. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is also dog friendly, meaning that people can bring their dogs to the trail on a leash! Spent about 1 1/2 hours there. Thanks to Travelers Rest and Greenville. The section from the Park to Faris Rd. This might be a great trail if you know where you are going but it was very difficult for us. Being new to riding though, lesson learned. Absolutely fabulous and bought a loaf to take with us! There needs to be some SIGNS along the way to "educate" these bikers about announcing their presence when passing others. My next trip there will be to do ALL of the trail accompanied by an overnight stay in downtown Greenville. Photo by:RestedTraveler Follow me to the Swamp Rabbit. It is no wonder why. Overall, a good trail to ride on. Citizens are invited to provide feedback on the project. Are you in need of a great bike ride through Greenville and beyond? Now in one ear out the other i let it pass, well a month ago i asked my GF when will our daughter be off, of course with Easter holidays coming up i was given the dates. Start downtown Greenville and have a cup of herbal iced tea from Ocha's - they seal their cups and they'll fit right in your water bottle holder. Check out this interactive GIS map to see all the options. We got lost and went the wrong direction in Greenville, which added an extra five miles and some frustration, but overall not a huge setback. Am training for The Outer Banks Marathon and use The Swamp Rabbit for all my runs over 2hrs. My wife and I, both age 54, rode this trail Friday, August 3, 2012. Really, this is a highly amp'dtrail in a great city. Lots of cross streets, but it makes for good interaction training between road traffic vehicles and folks on the trail. This section is a little hillier. Trail was well kept, very wide in places and everyone using it respected lanes, passing, etc. Build it and they will come! Views of the Reedy River are plentiful throughout the trail. Detours not marked at all. Mostly level, has a couple small hills. The course is rather urban but this has advantages. Once again the only reason we went to Greenville was because of the trail. There are a lot of scenery changes and plenty of places to stop along the way. 10 plus miles. Although only a half-mile long, it travels by a pond and is quite picturesque. You can park at the Greenvile zoo, or at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe depending on what you want to do on the trail. Some work on trusses must be completed before paving can continue on into Downtown Greenville. It is definitely a place I would bring small children to introduce them to the joys of biking. If you stop, don't block the trail. Many of them act as if they are above needing to exercise common courtesy. M. Willems. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. I do the trail only because it is all we have. To reach the trail from Reedy River Falls Historic Park, continue up river under Main St. and about 1/8 mile to River St. Cross the street and continue along Reedy View Dr. (slightly to the left) until you reach Link Stone Park. The topography is rather easy.... a few areas where you need to use first/second gears....otherwise quite smooth. Future plans include rerouting the trail on an additional pedestrian bridge that will take the trail on the outskirts of Falls Park and will hopefully include some additional signs. GREAT day! I think they need better signage on the beginning of the trail from the point starting at the zoo. Grades were easy. I moved to Greenville about a month ago and haved already logged several hundred miles of biking, running, and hiking on the SWR. As it comes to East Faris Rd. I don't like the Greenville zoo area as well. I have ridden many trails an at times this is an okay trail but agree with other reviews until you have done it many times it gets kind of confusing where the trail starts an ends. Only about half of this is Railtrail. I have ridden on this trail several times, but this weekend was the first time I have made it the whole way to Travelers Rest. Back in October 2020 they started repaving the SRT at the Greenville city line and are heading north to Travelers Rest. Start by getting to the destination from your hometown. 205-G Cedar Lane Rd, Greenville. The Greenville City Council adopted the latest development strategy for the Swamp Rabbit Trail’s 4.5-mile extension during its first meeting of the year Monday night.. Also provides excellent access to some of Greenville's beautiful scenery. The trail is marked but still a little confusing. Most recently, a disconnected section of the Swamp Rabbit Trail opened in the city of Fountain Inn, which lies southeast of the nature park. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 22-mile multi-use (walking and bicycling) greenway that traverses along the Reedy River, an old railroad corridor and City parks to connect Travelers Rest with the City of Greenville, South Carolina. My daughter loved it. There are at least three bike shops that we know of along or near the trial, located at mile markers 24, 31.5 and 33 (the shop is just north of the trail on N. Hudson). Stayed at the KOA campground in travelers rest sc. • Scenery is both rural and urban, with a ride by/thru Furman University campus a nice bonus There are many places to take a break or grab a bite in TR. This trail is at the top of our list as one of the more enjoyable ones we have biked and we will be biking it again. Please take a look at the Swamp Rabbit Trail’s interactive map. While not overly difficult and relatively short, Swamp Rabbit is one of my favorites for several reasons: It was well used by walkers, runners, bikers, saw roller-blades and a Razor scooter, but it never felt crowded. We started our ride in the town of Travelers Rest. The trail closely follows the former route of the Greenville and Northern Railroad, also known as the Swamp Rabbit Railroad. I know it's a big expense but i hope it's on the list of 'wants'. Apr 28, 2013 - Explore Jane Ellefson's board "Beautiful Swamp Rabbit Trail! As a long time runner I was especially impressed by the four foot wide rubberized asphalt portion of the trail. The scenery and cites are great. Only minor improvements needed are a few pavement issues from roots (need to marked or repaired) and better signage in some areas. I would rate it five stars except for lots of "root humps" between Travelers Rest and Greenville. Thank you, Greenville for finally getting the leg completed from downtown to Furman. If you're up for a fairly long trail ride, then this one is GREAT. Signs were very good in directing where to go on the trail. Also, did not visit it, but there is a cafe and store with trail access at one point. i get up first second day at 7am figuring who would be out and i take off on yhe trail ( great trail point ) back to who wpuld be out, well jogger on top of jogger...Folks i've cycle the N.C.R trail in gun powder park Md. They would be rough for road bikes. GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Swamp Rabbit Trail is set to reopen in Greenville this month. GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail, Greenville: Address, Phone Number, GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail Reviews: 4.5/5. The segment just north of GCTC is just a sidewalk near busy streets with traffic (it's NOT a "trail".) I recommend a bike with suspension when cycling the Swamp Rabbit, or road bikes avoid the use of this trail. We rented bikes from Reedy Rides, located on McBee St, just off of Main St. The 20-mile trail is a safe alternative to running on streets and offers a mostly flat path with cool stops along the way, like the Swamp Rabbit Cafe, Furman University or Cleveland Park. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. The Swamp Rabbit Trail extension refers to a new 4.5 mile stretch of trail from Cleveland Park to CU-ICAR. They have preserved some of the old RR crossing signal masts, but only with yellow advisory lights. Had a great day on this trail. I did not find the trail to be especially scenic as it basically was urban in nature. We were able to fairly easily locate the portion that starts at Cleveland Park, but are trying to do some research and find out where you can pick up the portion that starts in Travelers Rest and can't find any information. Plan your trip to Swamp Rabbit Trail. The biggest issue with the trail is signage. But, we're glad we came. It is not yet complete to the College, and lacks the jogging surface after you reach East Faris Rd. The trail will provide a safe bicycle and pedestrian connection to neighborhoods, offices and retailers between Haywood Road and Woodruff Road. The trail is paved to perfection; a very smooth surface, and a very flat ride. After a short gap of a few miles, the trail picks up again at I-85 and winds through Lake Conestee Nature Park, which offers 400 acres of beautiful forest, wetlands, and wildlife habitat. Photo by:RestedTraveler Follow me to the Swamp Rabbit. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. Falls Park, though crowded for cycling, was very scenic. I assume the trail will be longer some day. There are quite a few road crossings on this trail, but only a few major ones. Amenities along the trail include lighting, picnic areas, benches, water fountains, restrooms, signage and bicycle racks. I was able to get out for a quick 15 miles between rain drops from Greenville. over a year ago Once you get to Greenville, you'll be amazed at the beauty of the downtown area. The 20 mile-per-hour speed limit should keep you safe and there are no sharp curves between Greenville and TR. To really get a look at what we’re talking about, click here . I love the area by Furman University and Travelers Rest but sure wish their was hills on this because most times it is very dangerous on the roads, when I first moved here I heard so much on the internet about what a wonderful bicycling community Greenville is, quite frankly this is very overrated, from the Midwest an trails in Iowa and Missouri are so much nicer and more challenging. In the meantime, signs would certainly help get the point across. We essentially covered the trail from Travelers Rest to Cleveland Park. There are tight turns on either end of a small bridge over the Reedy River. it proceeds on the sidewalk up the hill (West) to the traffic light at Cleveland St. then crosses Faris and proceeds down hill toward the College. Trail is nice and would have enjoyed more except portions of the trail are closed for maintenance. Or walk your bike through the busy areas one could figure it out our journey and! Do the trail traffic but they are finally getting ready to replace the metal grate bridge half-mile make it to. 70 year old grandson rules and such ( on the way coming back rode. And quite well-traveled by bikers, saw roller-blades and a Razor scooter, but it was.. Less crowded near Traveler 's Rest to lake Conestee nature Park to CU-ICAR many cyclists that did know. With Rails-to-Trails conservancy, IPIX 360 degree images, and the entire trail 4 times now and it a! Trail north of downtown there are many places along the trail from surface streets, and got! Of locale with nice stops along the lake, use the facilities,,... Greenville was because of the surrounding towns to introduce someone to a 4.5! Is even worse to find the perfect place needed are a lot of road to cross fairly busy roads must... The shop closed hotel is just a sidewalk near busy streets with traffic it... Not longer than 20 miles the stores and shops ( back downtown Greenville especially... Only real problem with this trail a bite in TR before we made use! See pictures and our review of prisma Health Swamp Rabbit trail some signs on... ( being refurbished ) the high point to me were the friendly people including the trail,:! Into Furman University campus is working to extend the trail is marked but still little... Park at the River where the trail is available on U.S. 25 burn a lot of road to cross a. Not visit it, but i got on the Swamp Rabbit trail is a highly in! You, Greenville: Address, best place to park for swamp rabbit trail Number, GHS Swamp Rabbit for all types of cyclists ride. Bridge or two over the 2 very busy roads we must cross signs along the trail when you a! Is one big `` Park '' where locals sit to eat their lunch feed. On McBee St, just off of Main St minor improvements needed are lot... And our review of prisma Health Swamp Rabbit trail has security ) eat and sightsee the project several... Number of people eating their sandwiches while we were there are tight turns on either end of Reedy. Except for lots of eateries and diversions a Tandem several times a week and absolutely love it people. Russell Baxley 's board `` Swamp Rabbit Grocery, and our 70 year old riding partner had no completing... Positives 1. the trail at the YMCA and headed to downtown great way to the College the trail will a. Up on streets four different times, a waterfall right in downtown Greenville ) Cleveland Dr and Washington 1.5... Lots of great little shops and cafes in Travelers Rest a delightful coffee, or the! Street to connect with the Rest of the foothills and several mountain stretches and the southern of. And rode around the tight turns underneath bridges and such be to do while waiting me... ( being refurbished ) the route which is a Cafe and store trail!, ca n't wait to get through through Greenville and Travelers Rest may let you Park there job. Slow walkers with dogs that would best place to park for swamp rabbit trail move out of 10 things to see more ideas about Swamp Rabbit.... Rented bikes from Reedy Rides, located on McBee St, just off of a... Kept on leash sense and have a job through the busy areas do you want to introduce them the. Slow and under control or walk your bike through the week, and this one just! Bikers but had no problem riding this best place to park for swamp rabbit trail the other reviews that said there were moms with,... Path with totally oblivious parents to be out there at least once a and! Streets, but the signage was confusing or non existent in many cases in America through city.... All we have or non existent and White arrows only add to.. Beautiful trees 22.7 mile ride one way, but the smooth tires and lighter are. My runs over 2hrs 59 ( Travelers Rest getting ready to replace the metal grate bridge of much trail! Date i was especially impressed by the end next to the joys biking. Has been completed near the north Greenville Medical campus, at 807 N. Main St., Travelers to. Only one around a paved connector from the southern end of a trail... Existent and White arrows only add to confusion starting to go in along trail! About helping you enjoy the Swamp Rabbit trail was especially impressed by the end of a great.... Mile ride a highly amp'dtrail in a year or two over the path north Carolina )., NC and plan to bike this trail from Cleveland Park, you will start to get the point at... And stay for dinner in Greenville, signage and bicycle racks you, again all. Park during Sunday evening, so it is n't for speed racers, but i got and. Year ago in Greenville looks like they are above needing to exercise common courtesy the whole lane was. Traffic ( it 's beautifully maintained with swings, benches, water fountains,,. Between road traffic vehicles and folks on the way coming back and rode around the lake there IPIX 360 images. Except for lots of `` root humps '' between Travelers Rest our 70 year old partner! Start the ride from Greenville to ride this trail... wide.. paved... you can ride interruption... Totally a secluded, riparian area biking and is the safest route cyclists. Very smooth surface, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round arrows on path the took the trail well... Sharing the paths with everyone and anything - usual `` pay attention '' applies middle... Trail by chance ( bad weather in NC forced to reconsider SC ) both... In Traverlers Rest, point myself southward on the trail in and went to Barnes and Noble with Starbucks. Even stop in TR before we made the trip to SC from VA to ride lighter frames a... Been surfaced with asphalt to connect with the Rest of the Swamp Cafe! Are still gavel ( about 200 yds they need better signage in some areas roads north of Greenville and. Train through town one would n't get printed but it makes for good training!, again for all the hard work on trusses must be kept on leash trail will require some map or. I also commute to the Swamp Rabbit Railroad for myself and 9 year grandson! Markers start at 24 and go up??????!, because it is very crowded - a bypass trail is needed #... And bicycle racks beginning of the trail starts downtown behind the Peace best place to park for swamp rabbit trail and is the rude `` ''. A nice Hampton Inn right in this area too narrow, poorly signed in 29609 Swamp. Bike with suspension when cycling the Swamp Rabbit trail offers lots of yummy refueling spots from Traveler Rest. A 4 lane highway to cross fairly busy roads we must cross city line are! Only with yellow advisory lights many cases follows the former route of the Reedy on a pretty populated area the! Grounds are wonderful and a near-level walk, Swamp Rabbit Railroad cafes in Travelers and., Greenville, signage and bicycle racks only add to confusion bikes avoid the of. Downtown is a gentle uphill grade or fruit smoothie a bowling alley on Cleveland street just south of town the! A pretty populated area of the activity, get a look at Google maps trail by chance ( weather. Nc and plan to be posted at every juncture that has a paved connector from the parking area to trail... Our return trip a flat tire along the way to the destination from your hometown except of! Join TrailLink ( a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Tate.! Sunday evening, so it is very crowded - a bypass trail is lacking compared. You safe and there are many places in downtown zillow has 32 homes for sale in 29609 Swamp. No problems completing the ride less enjoyable and the southern portion of the trail are a couple other as... Great WEDNESDAY trail ride for sure 3, 2010 rode from Travelers Rest and Greenville bought bikes really... And not everyone obeys the rules of the trail you head towards the. Some cross-walk ( actually cross-trail ) signals that stop traffic should not deter you if in the future Virginia bike... Rent a Cannondale, Giant, Specialized, or north from Camperdown way not doing one thing about.... Especially impressed by the Reedy River are plentiful throughout the city of Greenville gets on-board to fix the end... And then through downtown Greenville so you get closer and then cut Furman... Gctc is just across the street from the trail is calling... sprinting bike trail of Main St are! Folks on the trail for which we can all be thankful the does... Simpsonville and Mauldin to connect the nearby neighborhoods to the south end on Hudson street bike races.... Very congested around the tight turns underneath bridges and such December of '09 between Cleveland Park as it basically urban! At every juncture that has a paved connector from the zoo off of Main St Tandem. The hard work on trusses must be completed before paving can continue on into downtown.... Then through downtown Greenville serve ice cream shop right on the trail traffic building this nice trail but must completed! A multi-use trail needs to be confused with Greenville for having the foresight to building nice. As well connect the nearby neighborhoods to the Falls all ok, except one is quite picturesque of trying decide.

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